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In 2012 China mold and die industry investment growth

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In recent years, China's mold industry investment construction like a raging fire, as a kind of economic phenomenon, has aroused more and more concern and attention. Agglomeration of important strategic significance to optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading, change the mode of economic growth, improve the level of economic development, enhance the competitiveness of regional economy and become rich one party common people have the mold industry.

According to relevant statistics, the first half of the mold industry investment regardless of the number or size of 2012 were times the level of accelerated growth, investment of ten investment threshold rose to 10000000000 yuan, the second half of the year the amount of investment in the top ten in 2500000000 yuan of above. Survey data show the second half of the year has slowed down, but the 2012 annual Top 100 investment case for billion project, the overall than the 2011 increase significantly.

Investment is expected to increase in 2013 than in 2012. 2012 in the third quarter, investment has presented the overall warming trend, according to statistics, as of December 24th, the last month of 2012, the national development and Reform Commission announced major projects approved projects list has reached 94. 11 months before 2012, China's fixed asset investment scale, new projects planned total investment accumulated growth rate reached 28.8%, and the 7 consecutive month rebounded, reflecting China's future investment growth momentum continues to strengthen. Experts predict that in 2015, China mold market scale is expected to reach 350000000000 yuan.


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