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Have l die industry steadily, to 2020 will enter the world

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In recent years, China's mold industry has made breakthrough progress, even the expert predicts, to 2020, China's mold industry will enter the forefront of the world, so how to do in the "golden development period" steadily, becomes the current must pay attention to the topic.

Because of the rapid development of China's automobile manufacturing and IT industries, directly promoted rapidly and die level of current our country mold industry continues to improve. In the twelfth five-year planning guidance, China mold manufacturing industry is a step by step toward the direction of the world die power forward. At present, due to China's mold industry implementation of the optimization and upgrading of products, to accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, speed the development of high technology content in large, precision, complex mold, long-life mold as the representative of the industry as a whole is higher than the speed of development, accounting for about 35% of total mold. At the same time also to the sustainable direction information, green manufacturing and continuous development, the brand and the internationalization of business growing awareness.

In recent years, China's mold industry especially in precision stamping die industry is developing rapidly, the overall strength level to upgrade quickly, at the same time in the field of new energy, aerospace, automation equipment rapidly, and there are quite a number of high-grade mold overall level has been reached or approached the level of similar mould international. Especially in mould technology level, manufacturing precision, service life and manufacturing cycle performance are significantly improved; and the innovation ability of professional mold enterprise stamping is greatly improved, the technological level of development to the special, fine, good, strong direction, emerged in precision stamping die many high technical level and new technology in order to promote the optimization and upgrading of industry, further.

Relevant data shows, the existing mold more than 30000 manufacturing enterprises, employing about 1000000 people, the import and export of $5240000000, exports most of the province, city is Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, guangdong. Relying on the existing basis, continue to develop, then to 2020 entering the world mold industry forefront of great goal will be realized step by step.

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