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The 2012 China International Plastics and rubber injection molding industry fair report

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Host authorities on October 18, 2012 -20 by the China Light Industry Federation, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Light Industry Machinery Corporation, China Light Industry Machinery Association, Tianjin Binhai New Area District government, Tianjin City Plastics Research Institute and a number of China's plastics industry and related industries in the "2012 China International Plastics and rubber injection molding industry exhibition (CIM 2012)" at the opening of Tianjin Binhai International Convention and Exhibition Center grand.

It is reported, this exhibition area reached 16000 square meters, there are 222 companies from Germany, Italy, South Korea, the United States, Britain, Sweden, Japan, Austria, China Taiwan and Hongkong area and the mainland of China participated in the exhibition, many well-known companies are showing their new products, technology in the exhibition, become one of the highlights of the exhibition. In 3 days of the exhibition, the exhibition visitors reached 14188 people, including 93.2% professional audience proportion. The exhibition in attracting a large number of domestic visitors at the same time, there are from South Korea, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Nepal, Russia, Turkey, Canada, China, Ethiopia and Hong Kong and Macao and other 12 countries and area visitors.

These professional audience from the automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, medical and other applications. This exhibition the exhibitors have direct economic benefits, according to incomplete statistics, during the exhibition turnover and turnover intentions plastic rubber machinery and accessories 247 sets, turnover intention and amounting to 168532700 yuan.

The exhibition brings together from the United States, Japan, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other countries and regions of the outstanding exhibitors, such as Haitian, Bo, Donghua, Iraq's secret, Shenda, Huarong, Fu Chun shin, CLF, steel, Sumitomo Demag, Wuxi Yang Ming, Yuyao Huatai Yuyao City, China, and Barton Phil, Wei Li, wetec, Kawada, Yi, Department, Maguire, Toshiba, and is China fever, weichi, Jun, etc., they show on behalf of industry advanced plastics and rubber injection molding machinery, raw and auxiliary materials, products, automation control system, detection and other fields international, the leading domestic communication industry, the latest technology, and is committed to provide a full range of solutions for end users.

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